The Story

In 1901, a devastating fire laid to waste six business blocks and 38 nearby residences in the center of the village. But like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the determined community rebuilt their village, and not surprisingly, this time it was virtually fireproof.


The brick and mortar buildings from that era still stand as a testament to their efforts. Over the years, the village has continued to paint their beloved downtown with brick, iron and works of art, but in the panache of their namesake. Today, the downtown looks and feels like an early 20th century Euro-American community.

The Inn

After the fire, several businesses built and occupied the buildings that would eventually become The Inn in 1993. On North Main stood Peschke’s Hardware Store; on the corner of Main and Center was Ward Drug Store; next door to it on Center stood W.C.Beare’s Grocery Store, and in the back Beare’s Coffee Shop. Today those businesses and buildings comprise The Inn’s first floor (respectively) the Versailles and Lorraine Banquet Rooms; the Alsace Dining Room; the Hotel Lobby, and in the back, the food preparation area.


However, in 1904 the Snyder Hotel occupied an area on the second floor, presumably over the hardware store on North Main. When The Inn consolidated these buildings the entire second floor became the twenty suites and rooms of L’Hôtel de Versailles.

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The Staff

Our dining room staff led by Telisa Delligatta has earned notoriety for being courteous, warm and friendly with careful attention to detail. The staff of chefs and assistants led by Michael Delligatta are renowned for their culinary skills. The hotel staff led by our General Manager, Roy Brown has consistently kept our lodgers comfortable and very satisfied. Together, they give life to the enhancement that is The Inn at Versailles.

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