From birthday parties and anniversary celebrations to retirement parties and everything in between – if you need a space to plan an event, look no further.

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Standard Menu (30 or fewer guests)

Order directly from our dinner menu including our evening specialties. Each dish is made to order using only the finest ingredients.

Limited Menu (30 or more guests)

For this menu, a limited selection of 3-5 entrees will be chosen from our banquet menu. This option works well within a budget, and as always, each dish is made to order using only our finest ingredients.

Buffet Menu

Allow for a fine dining service including chef choice appetizers, hand-served specialty salads, a high-class, self-serve buffet, complemented by a personal chef carving station, including dessert service and beverage options.

Pairing Menu

We plan the menu course by course to complement each dish individually with an exquisite glass of wine or beer of choice. Each wine is presented with tasting notes, winemaker history and tidbits to entertain. Presentation of wines can also be silent.

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